Grant Making

Each year, the foundation contributes $25,000 to area nonprofits through a spring and winter grant cycle. At CCF, we believe in the nonprofits that serve Ada, Cascade and Forest Hills, and help them to fulfill their mission to create an exceptional community for all.

Below are three areas we currently recognize as community needs.

Community Benefit Fund

People and their quality of life are the heartbeat of our community.  The well-being of just one neighbor affects so many, from their own family to the broader community.  The Community Benefit Fund provides support to the essential physical and emotional needs of our neighbors to help ensure all community members feel safe and have opportunities to make healthy choices.

Area Enhancement Fund

Throughout Ada, Cascade and Forest Hills, open spaces and wooded environments are more than just scenery, they promote activity and encourage us to rest and enjoy nature.   The Area Enhancement Fund provides support to make these places hubs of activity where neighbors can gather, live and play such as parks, trails and community destinations.

Activities Fund

When neighbors connect, communities take root. The Activities Fund allow neighbors to come together and enjoy entertainment, to connect and to support the vibrant happenings found throughout our community.

To Apply For A Grant, Please Complete These Three Steps:

Step One

Before submitting your grant, please download and review the Grant Requirements PDF, which include everything you need to know about the process including valuable questions and information to help ensure your application aligns with CCF’s grant making goals.

Step Two

You’re now ready to complete your official application.  Let’s download the application document.

Step Three

Now that you’ve submitted your grant application and supporting materials, please review our evaluation which is due 6 months after grants are awarded.