5th Anniversary of the Airport Viewing Park

5th Anniversary of the Airport Viewing Park

As we approach the 5 year anniversary of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Viewing Park, we reflect on the impact on the community. The award winning space has become a popular destination for families, aviation lovers, architects and designers. The park offers opportunity for picnics, fellowship, inspiration and solace, and Cascade Community Foundation feels so fortunate to have participated in the production of this wonderful asset in the community!
Mathison Mathison Architects, sponsor of Cascade Community Foundation, was behind the design process of the park, and Owen Ames Kimball brought it to life.

Despite limited capacity (57 cars) and amenities (a lone portable toilet, deteriorating picnic tables, inadequate trash receptacles, and no shade), it is one of the most popular park destinations in the county. Demand for additional parking, permanent toilet facilities, upgraded picnic sites, and common sheltered area formed the functional core of this project. Creating a renewed public place that welcomes, inspires, informs, and engages formed the aspirational core.

The double canopy roof forms invoke the feeling of ascending in an airplane. The roof lines imagine the trajectory of flight with a simple structure that accents the powerful horizon, the site topography, and open sky above. The wood-clad sloping roof planes create a sense of openness, enclosure, warmth and human-scale.

The renewed park doubles the parking capacity, including space for busses and food trucks. Permanent toilets and shelter structures share a central location on the expanded site. All features are barrier-free, including new picnic tables, benches, and trash receptacles – custom designed and locally fabricated for this project.

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