Q&A Livestream Special: The Modern Classroom

Q&A Livestream Special: The Modern Classroom

In June, the Q&A Livestream will launch a new special… The Modern Classroom.

How has the pandemic revolutionized education?

What models are revitalizing “alternative” learning?

Does A.I. have a place in assessing students?

The 2-part special premieres on June 22 and features Cascade Community Foundation’s Director Justin Swan, who interviews education professionals in discovery of answers to these questions and more.  Swan is joined by Kent District Library’s Director, Lance Werner, to review each interview and offer analysis.

Those featured in the special include:

Sai Naik is entrepreneur and Director of the Mavin Project – a public-private partnership improving access, support and fulfillment of education by emphasizing better connectivity between workforce demands and education testing.  Using video and A.I., The Mavin Project is lending an alternative model to standardized testing, which commonly allows bright and capable kids to fall through the cracks.  The Mavin Project is also dedicated to giving employers a voice in communicating their needs, and allowing forward-thinking educators the tools required to gather real-time information from students, and guide new training pathways towards future career opportunities.

Forest Hills Public Schools Superintendent Dan Behm also joins Swan for a discussion about advancing modern education models that fit the times. Behm provides insight into the current state of public education and where the field of education is heading – a system in which students and parents can better personalize their educational experience through the “iTuneification” of subject selection.

Karen Vanderberg, Preschool & Elementary Principal for NorthPointe Christian schools continues the conversation on the impacts of COVID in private and parochial schools.  Meanwhile, Brenda Amick and Heidi DeKorne – homeschooling parents with over 30 years of collective experience – share the role of parents in the evolving modern education options, especially following the pandemic which exposed millions of parents to the opportunities of homeschool curriculum options.

The library has become an ever more important resource to students due to the pandemic, especially as more and more parents turn to alternative forms of education for their children, according to KDL Librarian Holly Goulet. She demonstrates the different tools available, such as Cubelets and Ozobots, which are hot commodities for parents and children interested in STEM learning. Goulet also discusses the importance of removing barriers to access for children in order to provide them with increased opportunities.

This is only the beginning of the conversation surrounding education as it has been affected by the pandemic, and how we can enhance learning for future generations of students.

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