New Annual Partnership Opportunites for Fall 2021

New Annual Partnership Opportunites for Fall 2021

When it comes to having a lasting impact in your community, where does one even begin? Businesses large and small all over the country are making changes right in their own backyard through their local community foundation.

Why work with your community foundation?

Foundations like Cascade Community Foundation are here to serve your business and the neighborhoods that surround you. Partnering with your community foundation allows you to guide your company’s charitable giving back home and into the hyper-local community.

In preparation for 2022, we’ve updated our annual partnerships to make it easier than ever for local businesses and organizations to give back to the community they care about. Offering a variety of impact opportunities, including grantmaking through LaunchPad, the Q&A Livestream series, collaborative partnerships, capital campaigns, and more, Cascade Community Foundation stands alone as the foundation that exclusively lives, serves, and supports the Forest Hills area.

Beginning at just $500 per year, there is an Annual Partner level for every size business. Each level is designed to hoist your brand alongside important impact initiatives while acknowledging your charitable generosity. To better fit the unique needs of each business, each partnership level is customizable, allowing you your own unique blend of recognitions and engagements to accomplish your local giving goals.

Whether it’s the naming rights to a grant award, underwriting a Q&A Livestream topic, being featured in the Foundation’s e-newsletter, collaborating with the Foundation on a social media campaign specific to your organization, and many more, becoming an annual partner with Cascade Community Foundation is sure to enhance your business while boosting its impact in the community.

Need an example? Take a look at some existing collaborative work happening right now with Kent District Library, Alles Law, and Consumers Credit union.

Kent District Library (KDL) joins the Foundation to help examine trends in classroom innovations, including homeschool curriculums, advanced online learning packages, and language in literature through the Q&A Livestream‘s upcoming feature The Modern Classroom.

As a gold-level partner, KDL was offered a broad range of benefit options, electing to underwrite and produce 2 exciting Q&A topics that will premiere next year as part of Season 4 of the series.

Did you know that 20% of families across Forest Hills are living paycheck to paycheck? In fact, some experts expect that number to double as a result of job loss and shutdowns due to Covid.

This Fall, beginning September 29th, many of our Annual Partners – including Consumers Credit Union (gold level) and Alles Law (bronze-level) – are collaborating with the Foundation on Season 3 of the Q&A Livestream to provide personal finance solutions and education to local residents and businesses who struggle with dollars and cents, or are seeking reliable solutions from local experts.

Want to learn more about maximizing your hyper-local impact? Take a moment to examine Cascade Community Foundation’s updated Annual Partner Guide and let us know what partnership level works best for your business.

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Not entirely sure where to begin? Let us contact you.

Cascade Community Foundation is a 501(C)(3) dedicated to serving Ada, Cascade, and Forest Hills residents, businesses, local government, and nonprofits. Through the Q&A Livestream series, annual grantmaking, and the establishment of private endowment funds, the Foundation helps to preserve this robust community, manage philanthropic resources efficiently, and guide support to areas of greatest need.