Local Foundation is Asking How You Would Shape America’s Modern Classroom

Local Foundation is Asking How You Would Shape America’s Modern Classroom

Next year, the Cascade Community Foundation’s Q&A Livestream Series will turn to education, launching a landmark investigation into answering a rather simple question.  What’s required to make Forest Hills Public Schools the incubator for modern classrooms in America?

Designed to spark dialogue around often avoided topics impacting the suburbs of Grand Rapids, the Foundation’s Q&A Livestream is an online video series that has attracted thousands of viewers curious about diversity and mental health.

Next year, the series will focus on one of our most complex issues: education.

“Over the past year, so many of us have taken on a dual role with our children, serving as both parent and as teacher,” said Justin Swan, CEO of Cascade Community Foundation.  “In my experience, when bright people are thrust into new roles, innovation and ingenuity take root and new ideas flourish.”

The Foundation hopes to harness that spark in an effort to advance education by lending a platform for dialogue around innovative curriculums and alternative classroom models that already exist but have struggled to gain footing.  Until now.

“We want to invite these ideas to the table right now and encourage conversations between parents and educators who have been working together for the past year,” said Swan.  “Right now is the perfect time to welcome parental input, because they have a better understanding of education and a renewed appreciation for teachers and educators.”

Cascade Community Foundation’s Q&A Livestream Series will announce new episodes for The Modern Classroom this summer.  In the meantime, the foundation would like to hear from you and is urging parents who have taken on the role of teacher over the past year to share those experiences.

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