Since 2002 the Cascade Community Foundation has believed that it takes more than assets alone to create a strong community. What truly makes the difference is how those assets are woven together to craft stories, spark relationships, and care for treasured places. We have worked to weave those assets together to ensure that the Cascade community is not just a place to be… but a place to belong. Our mission is to be the thread that pulls it all together and in order to continue to carry out that mission we are embarking on an exciting journey. During October 2013, the Cascade Community Foundation kicked-off a comprehensive $2.4 million dollar Community is our Middle Name—Enrichment Project. When completed, it will connect and enhance not only our community but greater Grand Rapids by enriching our parks, expanding and renovating the Airport Viewing Park, and building the Cascade Community Foundation Endowment.

To ensure the success of the Community is our Middle Name campaign, a year-long thoughtful planning process was conducted by the Board, staff, and consultants from both inside and outside the community. The process included the discussion of parks improvement, projected future demand for services, and a financial feasibility study. The result has produced positive endorsements from the Board of Cascade Township, the Supervisors of Caledonia Township, Ada Township, Grand Rapids Township, The Gerald R. Ford International Airport and The West Michigan Aviation Academy. This affirmation fills us with pride for what the Foundation has already accomplished, and more importantly, it fuels our passion with a vision for the future.

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