Don’t just be, Belong.

There are three special ways that the Cascade Community Foundation works for you; nurturing neighbors, enhancing places, and connecting community.

NEC of the woods


Community Benefit Fund

People and their quality of life are the heartbeat of our community. The well-being of just one neighbor affects so many, from their own family to the broader community. The Community Benefit Fund ensures that all in Cascade and the greater Forest Hills Area feel safe and have opportunities to make healthy choices.

The Community Benefit Fund helps us to meet some of the essential physical and emotional needs of our neighbors. In the past, grants from this fund have included distribution of free smoke detectors, Red Cross safety classes, partnership with the Mental Health Foundation to provide a “Live, Laugh, Love” program at Forest Hills Public Schools, and more. Future ideas in this area include senior programming and health screenings.


Community Enhancement Fund

In our neck of the woods, open spaces and wooded environments are more than just scenery. Thanks in part to the generous gifts of Community Foundation donors, these places have become hubs of activity where neighbors can live and play.

Here at the Cascade Community Foundation we redefine “home” as much more than a place with four walls. Through previous grants from this fund, home now includes enhanced ball fields at the Cascade Recreation Park, a wind turbine at the Cascade Library, and the Cascade musuem decorated for the holidays. Future ideas in this area include possibly enhancing the viewing area for the County Airport, and creating a central gathering area in the Village.

Since the Community Enhancement Fund was created in 2009 more than $20,000 has been granted back to the community in this area.


Community Activities/Entertainment Fund

The conversation over the fence, the unexpected hello in the grocery store, and the din of a Friday night football game may be some of the most time-honored ways neighbors connect and communities take root. While these spontaneous connections will always be part of Cascade, the Community Activities/Entertainment Fund helps such connections become a more intentional part of our community’s fabric.

Through this fund, we help neighbors come together to share stories and enjoy the treasures that make our community great. In the past, grants from this fund have brought you the Cascade the River Beat Series, anniversary memorials of 9/11, the Metro Cruise Warm Up and much more.

Since the fund was created in 2006 over $40,000 has been granted back to help connect community members.